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"Give away some of your wealth by sharing it with the poor, but do it with a generous heart."

- St Francis de Sales

Training as a Salesian (SDB)

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Life is a journey and so is the process of becoming a Salesian. Becoming a Salesian brother or priest involves a formation process that includes prayer, study, community life and practical experiences with young people.


The basic steps are:
A time of initial discernment usually lived in an active Salesian community.


A one year period of intensive prayer and study learning about the Salesian life. It is at the end of this year that temporary vows are taken if the applicant and the Salesians both agree that this is the appropriate next step.


A period of professional and spiritual study in preparation for active Salesian life.


Practical training
Two years living in an active Salesian community and working with young people in a Salesian school, parish, youth centre or hostel. It is usually after the period of practical training that final vows as a brother or as someone entering final preparation for the priesthood are taken.


Theological studies
A programme of preparation for the priesthood for those whose Salesian vocation will be lived as an ordained priest.


Further studies
Brothers and priests undertake further studies after practical training in areas that accord with the direction their vocation is taking.

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